Commercial Concrete Levelling

Commercial Concrete Lift & Levelling

There are many reasons why commercial property owners should consider lifting and levelling their concrete slabs. The most important reason is to make their properties safer and maintain their investment. An uneven sidewalk can be challenging to walk on and lead to accidents, which you may be liable for. Another issue property owners have is concrete that hasn't sunk yet but is completely hollow underneath. Owners can save a lot of time and money by dealing with this problem early by filling the void with polyurethane foam and supporting the concrete to avoid future damage and expense. We have encountered many commercial property owners who don't know that concrete levelling is a simple, fast, and affordable fix. Our polyurethane concrete lifting method is quick and efficient and provides an effective solution for uneven and voided concrete. 

Polyurethane Commercial Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking

So, why is your concrete sinking and settling? Chunks of soil might have formed beneath the slab if the concrete was poured when it was cold or wet outside. When the soil dries out, everything shrinks and pulls away from the concrete slab, which causes it to settle. Ground shifting can also cause settling, which is a problem when foundations are poured on bedrock. Concrete slabs can also settle if the ground wasn't properly compacted during construction. Trees and vegetation around the slab can dry out the ground and cause voids beneath the concrete slab. There are various reasons why concrete slabs may begin to sink and settle. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the ideal solution for returning them to their original level.
Polyurethane concrete lifting is fast and long-lasting, unlike mudjacking, which is a more invasive concrete raising method. We use a polyurethane concrete lifting process in which we inject polyurethane foam into the void below the concrete slab. The polyurethane foam expands inside the void and fills it to restabilize the concrete slab. This will return your slab to its original level and prevent further sinking and settling.
Cracked or uneven concrete surfaces can quickly worsen if they are not repaired quickly. Commercial concrete slabs that are uneven are liability risks. Property owners and business owners alike should address problems with sunken concrete slabs before they become serious hazards. Cracks in concrete slabs and foundations can also open your property to water damage, which can be detrimental to your business or commercial space. Excess moisture speeds up settling beneath your concrete slab, which will lead to costly repairs in the future. The key is to fix any problems before water can penetrate the foundation and cause further damage. 
At LvL Concrete Lifting, we specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting for commercial applications. If you have sunken and settled concrete slabs on your commercial property, contact us today! 


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