Shop Floor Concrete Levelling

Concrete Levelling Shop Floors

Do you have a shop floor that's shifting or cracking? Does your building's foundation seem to be settling? If so, it might be time to get a concrete levelling job. If you're a shop owner, you know that your concrete floors take a lot of wear and tear. They have to support heavy equipment, vehicles and large machinery. Even if you don't have a lot of vehicles or heavy machinery in your shop, the weight of the vehicles and machinery that do come can settle the concrete slabs under them. This causes an uneven surface where employees can trip and fall, causing serious injury. Fortunately, we can solve this issue with polyurethane concrete levelling! It is the ideal method to lift and level sunken and settled shop floors.

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If your shop floor is sinking or settling, don't worry—you're not alone. Shop floors are susceptible to shifting and settling just like any other type of concrete slab. Many things cause concrete slabs to sink and settle, such as soil erosion, poor compaction during construction and the natural elements. When these things happen, voids often form below the concrete and cause it to sink, settle or crack. Concrete slabs that have started to sink or settle can cause many problems for businesses. Not only will it make your shop floor look unprofessional, but it can also be dangerous for customers and employees alike.
A good indication of concrete settlement are cracks on the surface of the slab. Once a crack occurs, the concrete will start to sink. It is important to lift the slab as soon as possible for a more cost-efficient resolution. The longer you leave it, the more costly the problem can become. If it is left for too long, it has the potential to cause damage to the foundation of the entire building. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the best solution to sunken and settled concrete slabs.
Our polyurethane concrete lifting process is fast and effective—we can lift your shop floor in no time. Moreover, it's a cost-efficient solution that does not require tearing up the entire slab or replacing it. Polyurethane concrete lifting is a long-lasting and durable solution to sunken and settled shop floors that lasts for lifetimes. When you have your shop floors levelled with polyurethane foam, it is unlikely it will ever need to be done again.
Whether you're trying to level out a sunken or settled area on your shop floor, or you just want to make sure it's not going to give you any trouble in the future, LvL Concrete Lifting is here to help. We can lift your shop floor quickly so you can get back on track!