Frequently Asked Questions


We have dedicated this page to frequently asked questions.

When Can Concrete Be Raised? 

Concrete lifting is dependent on the weather. Typically, concrete levelling will not be done if there is frost on the ground unless it is an interior slab. 

How Long Does The Work Take To Be Done?

On average, one can expect a residential job to be complete within 1-4 hours. 

When Can The Area Be Used? 

The majority of the time, you can resume using the area just a few hours after the work is complete.

What Do You Do With The Remaining Holes?

The port holes are patched with cement concrete mix.

Am I Required To Be Present For The Estimate?

Most of the time no one is required to be present for the estimate. However, if the area is inside your home or in a locked structure, it is necessary. 

Is A Building Permit Required?


Will This Work On A Paving Stone or Asphalt Driveway?

Unfortunately no. We can only lift on-grade concrete.

How Do I Schedule My Project?

We will contact you to schedule the work after we have received your signed acceptance.

Am I Required To Be Present When The Work Is Being Done?

For outdoor work, it is typically not necessary that you are present. However, for work that is being conducted in an interior setting (such as a garage) someone is required to be present to provide access. 

What Causes Concrete To Settle?

How Big Are The Holes Compared To Mudjacking?

When Can Polyurethane Lifting Be Done?