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Lift, level, and support your sunken concrete using Polyurethane Foam.

Sunken Concrete?

We'll Lift You Up!

Did you know that sunken or settled concrete is one of the most common problems in the Greater Edmonton region? It's not surprising—when you think about it, our harsh winters and spring thaws are rough on the ground, and (usually) dry summers don't help much either. These seasonal issues, paired with our quick build season and frozen or poorly compacted backfill, can cause serious problems for concrete. When concrete slabs sink or settle, you are left with trip hazards and drainage issues—not to mention diminished curb appeal.

LvL Concrete Lifting is a locally owned, family-operated small business specializing in polyurethane concrete leveling, and we are here to help you with those sunken slabs! With over ten years of experience in the concrete lifting industry, our experts can help you fix those sinking slabs before they cause any more damage. We believe in treating people how we want to be treated—with honesty, trustworthiness, and friendliness. We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. Contact us today!


Polyurethane Residential Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking


We specialize in lifting and leveling concrete for residential clients, including driveways, walkways, garage floors, patios, basements and much more.

Polyurethane Commercial Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking


Sunken, settled and uneven concrete in a commercial business can cause delays in productivity and increase the risk of injury. LvL Concrete Lifting can help. 

Polyurethane Industrial Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking


Leveling warehouse floors or sunken shipping platforms helps increase productivity and reduce risks of injury. Learn more about our industrial services.

Polyurethane Agricultural Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking


Grain bins, shop floors, sunken quonsets, driveways or other sunken and settled concrete slabs can be lifted and levelled by LvL Concrete Lifting.


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Concrete Levelling Driveways

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Concrete Levelling Walkways

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Concrete Levelling Detached Garages

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Concrete Levelling Attached Garages 

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Concrete Levelling Basement Floors 

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Concrete Levelling Patios

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Concrete Void Filling

Our Solution

Are you dealing with sunken or settled concrete slabs? We've got the solution for you, Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting aka Poly Jacking.
Settled or sunken concrete slabs, both indoors and outdoors, can be lifted to their original position utilizing structural grade polyurethane foam injection. Lightweight and ultra-strong, our high-density polyurethane foam holds the concrete in place and limits the burden on the underlying soil, reducing the chances for re-settlement. The foam is injected through small 5/8" port holes that are drilled in the top of the slab and neatly patched with concrete when complete.
Our high-density polyurethane is waterproof, so lifted slabs are undersealed and protected from washout. Lifting concrete back up to grade using polyurethane is fast, clean, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and outperforms older methods and materials, such as mudjacking/slabjacking. Most sunken and settled concrete slabs can be raised with polyurethane, thus avoiding costly replacement. 
Polyurethane foam concrete repairing by lifting is the most innovative and effective concrete lifting method available today. LvL Concrete Lifting has lifted slabs for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal clients throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. If you have a sunken slab on your property, contact us today!

Before Polyurethane Concrete Levelling Commercial Floors
After Polyurethane Concrete Levelling Commercial Floors

Reviews & Testimonials

Find out why so many prefer us for their concrete lift & leveling!


"Our driveway had sunk overtime since we moved into our house. LvL was quick to provide a quote and scheduling was a breeze. We are very happy with the professionalism and quality or service. Our driveway looks so much better now! Thank you."

Teresa M


"We had our driveway lifted as it sunk over the years. Very nice and professional when doing the estimate and day of the repair. Everything looks good and meets our expectations. Would recommend!"

Casie B


"Excellent Service! Could not have hoped for a better result. Dan was prompt in supplying a "No Surprise" quote. My garage had sunk on one side by approximately 2". They lifted one corner of the garage and concrete pony wall. My eavestrough is now straight as an arrow! As a bonus they jacked my Garage apron to line it up with the new garage floor height (And did not charge extra). They were pleasant to deal with and completed the job in only a few hours. Its a shame more companies havent figured out "Promise what you can deliver, and deliver what you promise". Thanks again LVL, Great Job!"

Matt B


"Our sidewalk was not supported and needed filling, not to mention the driveway was falling and causing a major lip that folks were tripping on. I looked up who could help, came across LVL and called and sent a request. Within hours, the owner Dan replied back to me. They easily quoted by asking me to take pictures and shared that they had availability next week.

The crew who showed up were Jay & Anthony. They were personable and professional. Explained their work, were easy to talk to and quickly got to work. The work was done promptly and they were lovely to deal with. They charged what was quoted and cleaned up after they were done.

I would highly recommend them for any concrete repairs. What they say = what they do and were easy to chat with in the process!"

Amy M


"Just had my sidewalk and driveway lifted by LVL. The entire experience has been really great. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and I like the idea of using a small local business. Communication was great thanks to their app. They were able to get the sidewalk to its original position, something the previous mud jacking attempt a number of years ago could not do. The holes are so much smaller than the large holes left form mud jacking. Nice to walk on a level sidewalk again! Thanks guys."

Terry S


"My driveway had dropped over 4 inches on one side and almost 3 on the other. My sidewalk had dropped 5 inches where it comes around from the driveway to the front door.
Dan from LvL was very friendly, quick to respond, had a very reasonable quote.
The job they did on my driveway was nothing short of amazing!
I didn't think our concrete would ever again look as good as does right now without tearing it out and having to repour it. They did a terrific job of trueing everything up and getting it back to the original height.
I would 100% recommend Dan and his company to my friends if they ever had issues with their concrete and needed releveling.
Excellent job, and thank you again!"

Bill H


"Amazing from the first call. Needed our driveway lifted. Was out immediately to quote and once approved has us booked in ASAP. Crew onsite were friendly and professional. They do amazing work and their warranty is an added bonus. You will definitely not be disappointed going with LVL. Top notch. Them being local was a definite plus as we always support our local businesses."

Kristy E


"My driveway and walkway had sunk quite low in recent years. LvL concrete did a great job lifting it. Very happy with their work.
Thank you!"

Francine G


"LvL was great. Reasonable price for quality work. They did exactly what they said they would do. Raised the pad in front of our step to make water run away from the house. I highly recommend this company. We are happy to support a local small business."

Dave O