Patio Concrete Lifting & Levelling

Concrete Lifting & Levelling Patios

Your patio is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s the center of your outdoor living space and can be an extension of your home or an outdoor room. However, if your patio has settled or is uneven, you may find that you’re uncomfortable sitting on it or even walking on it. The settling can be so severe that the edge of your patio can be forced upward, resulting in a teetering effect. This will cause poor drainage and instability, leading to cracking of your home's foundation! We can solve this problem with polyurethane concrete lifting!

Residential Polyurethane Patio Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking

When your concrete patio becomes uneven, it can become more challenging to maintain. Cracks will form on the surface, weeds will grow, and it will be prone to flooding. Replacing concrete slabs is expensive; luckily, there is a better alternative! Levelling your concrete patio with polyurethane foam is a simple way to make it more enjoyable for you everyone around you.
Soil will shift over time as erosion, and other environmental factors can take their toll on outdoor concrete surfaces such as patios. Improper soil compaction before patio installation can also cause it to sink and settle. It's important to address soil shifting and erosion immediately, as it can create voids below your concrete patio that can lead to far bigger and more dangerous problems. 
Concrete patios are trouble areas. They're typically built over soil that settles, which causes the concrete slab to sink. Water runs toward your home, and when it hits the patio, it saturates the soil near the foundation and clogs up with clay under the topsoil, preventing it from dis dispersing deeper into the ground. As a result, standing water can soak into your basement walls, causing damage to your foundation. In winter, that same water-saturated ground freezes and expands, creating pressure against your home's foundation. If this is not fixed, repairs can be costly. These issues can be avoided by raising your concrete pad with polyurethane foam.
Our simple and efficient polyurethane concrete levelling process will raise your patio back to its original level and help push away any standing water and prevent further settling. The result is a stable, level surface that won't teeter or sink in the future. When we're done with your project, we'll have a beautiful new patio that's level, safe and ready to use! When you work with LvL Concrete Lifting, you'll never have to worry about your patio being uneven or unstable again!