LvL Concrete Lifting leads the industry in service, quality and fair pricing. As the leader, we are now offering the best warranty in the industry our 5-year extended warranty.
LvL Concrete Lifting will re-pump once, in a five period after the leveling work is complete, if necessary, any areas that have resettled more than a 3/4”, at no cost to the customer. A re-pump constitutes lifting in the same area that was lifted before. There will be a $250.00 service fee for the truck to return for any other reason not covered under this warranty in the five-year period.
This warranty is void if the customer does not correct drainage issues around/on the slabs as advised by LvL Concrete Lifting. and maintains BACKFILL along the slabs involved or if resettling occurs as a result of flooding or other acts of God. This warranty does not include patches applied to or placed between the slabs and also does not include crack repair done by the customer or LvL Concrete Lifting.