LvL Concrete Lifting leads the industry in service, quality and fair pricing. As the leader, we are now offering the best warranty in the industry.
Our polyurethane injection is an effective solution for addressing sunken concrete in the long term. However, we understand the challenges posed by Alberta's climate and ground conditions and the impact they can have over time.

To provide you with peace of mind, we offer the most extensive warranty available in the industry. Following the repair, we stand by our work for an entire decade. If the concrete settles at least 0.5 inches during this period, LvL Concrete Lifting will return to your site to re-lift and support it for a nominal $300 warranty repair fee.

*No charge for settlement of over 0.5" that occurs within 1 year of repair date*

This warranty may be void if the customer does not correct drainage issues around/on the slabs as advised by LvL Concrete Lifting. and maintains BACKFILL along the slabs involved or if resettling occurs as a result of flooding or other acts of God. This warranty does not include patches applied to or placed between the slabs and also does not include crack repair done by the customer or LvL Concrete Lifting.