Attached Garage Floor Concrete Lifting & Levelling

Concrete Levelling Attached Garage Floors

If you have ever had to park your car on an unlevel garage floor, then you know how difficult it can be. Whether you're just trying to get the car in and out of the garage or working on projects around the house, having an unlevel garage floor can hinder your progress. Detached or attached garages can be subject to a sinking floor.
When it comes to attached garages floor, the problems can be somewhat different. Attached garage floors generally sink at the foundation wall due to poor soil compaction when the foundation was backfilled. Water can “run” towards the foundation when this happens and cause severe damage. 

After Concrete Levelling Attached Garages
Before Concrete Levelling Attached Garages

Typically, garage floor slabs are dowelled into the foundation using metal rebar; this water combined with salt (usually used in winter) causes the metal dowels to rust and eventually fail. When the dowels fail, the concrete slabs will fall and cause a crack roughly four feet from the wall.
Once this happens, lifting the slab can become much more difficult for several reasons. Firstly, the fallen concrete slab can become jammed against the foundation. The added weight of cars on top of the slab can cause it to become “locked,” and the outer edge of the floor may need to be cut to raise the floor, which adds to the cost. Secondly, the crack that forms can fill with debris. The weight of the vehicles can continue to pack debris into these cracks, making it impossible to lift the slab so that the cracks close. And finally, once the garage floor is sloped towards the foundation, water will continue to run down the side of the foundation, causing further sinking of the garage floor.

There are many reasons you should have your garage floor slabs raised as soon as you notice any sinking, but these are some of the main problems that can occur. If you notice any sinking or settling of your garage floor, give LvL concrete lifting a call! We'll have it lifted in no time.