Commercial Void Filling

Void Filling - Commercial Applications

Void filling is an essential part of protecting your commercial property. Whether you're dealing with a settled foundation or a sunken walkway or parking lot, voids below concrete slabs can cause serious problems for structures. The good news is we can fill voids below your slabs and provide a solid foundation for commercial concrete structures. Voids can form under concrete slabs because of rainwater runoff, erosion and animals. The longer the void goes untreated, the more likely it is to cause sinking and settling concrete slabs. LvL Concrete Lifting can fill these voids to protect the structures on your property. Contact us today if you have concerns about voids on your commercial property!

Commercial Polyurethane Void Filling Concrete Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking

Voids can be a big problem for commercial structures, but they probably don't cross your mind. Voids can cause problems with your building's foundation, cause the floors to sink and have the potential to cause damage to the entire structure. These issues can be serious safety hazards to anyone entering your building.
When a concrete slab is poured, there is empty space beneath the slab. Usually, dirt and other materials are used to fill in any holes left by digging out gravel or soil from where the slab was poured. If these materials are not compacted properly during construction, they can create voids below the concrete slab. The purpose of the void filling process is to create a stable base below the slab so that it does sink or settle over time. If these voids are left untreated, they can cause more significant issues later on down the line.
If you are in an area that gets heavy rain or there are animals on your property, there are probably voids below the concrete slabs around your commercial property. We can fill these voids and protect your property from damage using polyurethane foam. Commercial void filling with polyurethane will prevent further damage and help you maintain the look of your business property.
Concrete slabs that support commercial buildings are only as durable as the concrete slabs are only as durable as the ground they are poured on. Even the strongest concrete slabs can settle, crack and sink if the voids beneath them are not correctly filled. If you have noticed any cracked or uneven concrete around your commercial property, contact us right away! LvL Concrete Lifting can fill any voids formed under concrete structures and provide them with a stable base, so you won't have to worry about them anymore!