Concrete Stabilization

Stabilizing Concrete

There are a lot of reasons your concrete slab might be cracking. Maybe it's just settled, or maybe you've got a load on the slab exceeding its capacity. Either way, if you need to stabilize your slab, we can help! Concrete stabilization is an effective fix if your slab is cracked and needs support. Our concrete repair products are designed specifically for joint and slab stabilization applications. They're perfect for filling voids under slabs or down joints to eliminate movement and offer support. Our foam will take longer to expand, which gives it more time to reach all the areas that need it most—which means better coverage underneath your slab or down a joint!

Commercial Polyurethane Concrete Stabilization & Lifting & Levelling Mudjacking

Concrete has been the standard for building construction for decades. But it's not perfect. Concrete is susceptible to damage due to moisture, freezing and thawing cycles, and exposure to chloride-containing salts. These damaging factors result in concrete becoming cracked, spalled and weakened. When this happens, it becomes more susceptible to further damage and more costly to repair or replace.
Concrete stabilization is a process in which concrete slabs and structures are strengthened using polyurethane foam. This process can be used on any concrete structure, from sidewalks to buildings to bridges. 
To prevent further damage and extend the service life of concrete structures, polyurethane foam injection can be used as a cost-effective solution for concrete stabilization. Polyurethane foam injection adds strength, stability and durability back into the concrete structure by filling in any cracks or voids that have formed from previous damage or deterioration processes. This allows for greater flexibility in repairing damaged areas by sealing them off from further water intrusion or other harmful agents that could cause further damage over time. This prevents any future issues with your building structure and provides a more stable foundation for whatever structure you are building.
There are many benefits of using polyurethane foam for concrete stabilization, including a reduction of maintenance costs associated with cracked and damaged concrete, a longer life span for concrete structures, it prevents cracks from forming in the concrete, and it strengthens the concrete so it can withstand more pressure and weight. Polyurethane foam is also non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about it being harmful to the environment. The process can also be completed quickly and does not require major renovations to complete the work.
If you need a concrete slab stabilized, contact LvL Concrete Lifting today! We have years of experience working on concrete slabs and can help you get yours back into shape before it becomes any more damaged.