Municipal Concrete Lifting & Levelling

Concrete Lift & Levelling for Municipalities

Municipal infrastructure like sidewalks, highways, public buildings and sewer systems can be susceptible to settling and soil erosion. If these issues are not fixed quickly, they can pose severe hazards to the residents of your city or town. Municipalities have the responsibility of maintaining public places. However, your annual budget may not cover the cost of replacing many sunken or settled concrete slabs, entire building walkways, or a new highway. LvL Concrete Lifting offers innovative solutions that will restore your municipalities infrastructure quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal interruption to public services. Polyurethane Concrete Lifting is an excellent alternative to concrete replacement.

Municipal Polyurethane Concrete Levelling & Lifting Mudjacking

Polyurethane concrete levelling is an excellent solution for solving problems commonly seen in municipalities. For example, highways are exposed to the elements daily, including rain, ice, snow and wind. This can contribute to soil erosion or root settling, creating uneven or sunken roads. This can be a liability for any municipality. The concrete lifting experts at LvL concrete lifting can level the highway quickly and professionally using polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam can also be used to repair maintenance holes, drains, and ditches. Previously, these types of projects had to be excavated to be repaired. Excavation is a lengthy and costly process; using polyurethane foam is a cheaper, quicker, and safer option.
The benefits that make polyurethane foam ideal for residential or commercial concrete lifting apply to municipalities as well. The process can be completed quickly, and other methods like mudjacking are more disruptive and take longer to complete. Polyurethane foam is a very durable material and is generally a permanent solution to sunken and settled concrete. Polyurethane foam is also hydro-insensitive, making it perfect for use in wet soil and even water. It is resistant to the elements, so it won't erode, and it is also environmentally friendly!
Municipalities may require many concrete repair options, such as levelling floors in arenas and municipal buildings, eliminating voids beneath concrete slabs, lifting and levelling sidewalk slabs or repairing driving hazards on bridges and highways. Our team can complete these projects expertly with minimal disruption to municipal services.
Before municipal concrete surfaces become too dangerous to walk or drive on, they must be repaired. It is always best to fix problems before they worsen and have the chance to cause serious damage or injury. Being proactive when it comes to municipal concrete repairs will help avoid injuries for which the municipality may be liable. If you notice any damaged infrastructure, call LvL Concrete Lifting so we can help you fix any problems before significant damages or injuries are caused!


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