Mudjacking Vs. Foam Jacking: Concrete Lifting Solutions

Mudjacking Vs. Foam Jacking: Concrete Lifting Solutions

Have you noticed cracks in your driveway, steps, sidewalk or garage floor? If you have, you've probably started looking for ways to fix the problem. Sunken and settled concrete slabs don't just bring down your curb appeal; they can be dangerous. Sunken slabs can cause tripping hazards and drainage problems or leaks in your home's foundation. Traditionally, homeowners used a method called mudjacking to lift and level settled concrete. While mudjacking can be somewhat effective, LvL Concrete Lifting provides an innovative alternative to mudjacking. Polyurethane concrete lifting (foam jacking)! Polyurethane concrete lifting is similar to mudjacking but has improved and modernized how concrete is lifted. Foam jacking has quickly become the preferred method for lifting concrete in the Edmonton area. So what makes polyurethane concrete lifting superior to mudjacking? Read on to learn more! 

Why Do Concrete Slabs Sink?

Before we get into the differences between mudjacking and foam jacking, let's look at why concrete slabs sink and settle in the first place. Concrete settlement is a common issue in the Edmonton area. Concrete is the most commonly used material in construction projects because it is solid and durable, but it is only as stable as the ground below the concrete slab. Over time, soil can wash away or compact because of environmental factors, like heavy rain and drought. Another common cause of concrete settlement is poorly compacted backfill when the slab was initially poured. When the soil beneath concrete slabs compacts or washes out, it leaves voids that heavy concrete slabs can sink into. These voids must be filled for the concrete slab to be supported and function properly. To fill these voids and raise the slab back to its original position, homeowners have two main choices, mudjacking or foam jacking (polyurethane concrete lifting). Let's look at the differences between these two concrete lifting methods.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the traditional method used to lift and level sunken and settled concrete slabs. Choosing mudjacking to lift sunken and settled concrete slabs might seem like a common-sense approach, but mudjacking has its disadvantages. The slurry used in mudjacking is made of cement, sand and clay or soil. Because of the composition of the mudjacking slurry, it will eventually break down, and the slab will sink again. Mudjacking is also a very invasive process. The holes used to inject the mudjacking slurry are much larger than the holes used in foam jacking. Mudjacking uses more equipment and takes longer to complete and cure. While mudjacking has benefits, it is not a permanent solution for sunken and settled concrete slabs.

What is Foam Jacking?

Foam jacking, or polyurethane concrete lifting, is similar to mudjacking but uses polyurethane foam instead of a slurry to lift and level sunken slabs. The polyurethane foam we use at LvL Concrete Lifting is lightweight, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. The foam jacking process is much less invasive than mudjacking. We drill a few dime-sized holes into the top of the sunken slab. The polyurethane foam is then pumped into the void below the slab, where it expands and lifts the slab back to its original height. No heavy equipment is required, and the polyurethane foam cures in minutes. This allows you to use the area almost immediately after the work is done. Once cured, polyurethane foam is water-resistant and resistant to the elements, so it will not break down over time. Our polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly and manufactured without toxic chemicals, so there is no chance of ground pollution around the lifted area. Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is also extremely long-lasting. It will last lifetimes without breaking down, making it a permanent concrete lifting solution. These many benefits make foam jacking the superior concrete lifting method over mudjacking. 

LvL Concrete Lifting Can Help With Your Concrete Lifting Needs

Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is the best alternative to mudjacking. Mudjacking does have its benefits, but it is only a temporary solution. If you want durable and long-lasting results with the added benefits of sustainability, then polyurethane foam concrete lifting is the solution you are looking for. At LvL Concrete Lifting, we have over ten years of concrete lifting experience. Our experts can help you fix your sunken and settled slabs before they get worse and cause damage. We serve customers in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Morinville, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Red Deer & Devon and always operate with the golden rule. Contact us today for all your concrete lifting needs!