Is Foam Jacking a Safe Way to Lift Concrete?

Is Foam Jacking a Safe Way to Lift Concrete?

Sometimes concrete slabs begin to sink and settle. It's a common issue faced by many homeowners in the Edmonton Area. Lifting and levelling sunken and settled concrete slabs can be challenging, but at LVL Concrete Lifting, our innovative foam jacking method makes it quick and easy. Polyurethane concrete levelling, also known as foam jacking, is the quickest, most efficient and safest way to lift concrete slabs back into their original position. Many homeowners don't know the benefits of lifting and levelling concrete with polyurethane foam and may wonder, "is foam jacking a safe way to lift concrete?" The concrete levelling experts at LVL can guarantee it is! And we will tell you why! 

Foam Jacking is Strong and Durable.

The polyurethane foam we use at LVL was developed to lift and support supporting sunken and settled concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam has a long track record as the best concrete levelling option. It is much stronger and far less invasive than the traditional mudjacking method. Polyurethane foam has incredible lifting power in comparison to its weight. Because of this, we use less material to complete the job (saving you money!). Our polyurethane foam is strong enough to support concrete slabs carrying just about any load. Foam jacking is the ideal way to lift everything from home foundation slabs to entire industrial and commercial buildings and even highways! 

Foam Jacking is Long-Lasting.

A common question we get at LVL Concrete Lifting is, "how long does foam jacking last? No one wants to invest in a fix that doesn't solve the problem permanently. Generally speaking, foam jacking is a permanent solution to sunken and settled concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam will last for decades and beyond. It is hydrophobic, meaning it will not be affected by water in the ground and will not deteriorate over time. Polyurethane foam will not break down in extreme temperatures when exposed to UV rays and is resistant to many other environmental factors. Once polyurethane foam is cured, it becomes a completely inert material resistant to water, insects, rodents, and erosion. When you use the foam jacking method to lift and level concrete slabs, the chances you will ever need to have the work done again are slim. 

Foam Jacking is Environmentally Friendly.

At LVL Concrete Lifting, the polyurethane foam we use is environmentally friendly. It is made from over 40% recycled materials! Our polyurethane foam is also manufactured without any harsh or toxic chemicals, so there is no worry about it polluting the groundwater or soil around the area. When you have sunken and settled slabs lifted using the mudjacking method instead of replacing them, you are also doing your part to help the environment. When you replace your sunken and settled concrete slabs, the old slabs are disposed of in landfills, which burdens the environment. Foam jacking can help ensure you are doing your part to keep the planet healthy!

Foam Jacking Outperforms Mudjacking.

Another common question we get at LVL is how foam jacking compares to the more traditional concrete levelling method of mudjacking. Most mudjacking contractors will probably tell you that polyurethane foam is not strong enough to effectively lift and level sunken and settled concrete slabs. These are tactics used to influence your decision; this statement is not based on facts, science or experience. The concrete levelling experts at LVL can provide solid facts that polyurethane concrete lifting can outperform mudjacking and that it is a safe, very effective and extremely durable way to lift and level sunken concrete slabs.

LVL Concrete Lifting Can Help With Your Sunken Slabs.

At LVL Concrete Lifting, we provide homeowners in the Edmonton Area with safe, long-lasting and innovative solutions to their sunken and settled concrete slabs. LVL Concrete Lifting is a family-owned business with over 10 years of experience with foam jacking. We believe in treating our customers how we would want to be treated, so we make sure we always operate by the golden rule. We know that foam jacking is the most effective concrete levelling method available. If you have sunken or settled concrete slabs on your property, our concrete levelling experts can help you fix them before they cause more damage. Contact us today. We will get you lifted in no time!