How Long Does Foam Jacking Last?

How Long Does Foam Jacking Last?

Is the concrete around your home looking a little worse for wear? Have you noticed that your driveway, walkways, patio or garage floor is not level? You are probably experiencing concrete settlements. Sinking and settling concrete slabs are common issues in the Greater Edmonton region. Concrete slabs will start to sink and settle for many reasons, such as poor compaction during construction and environmental factors like erosion and the natural freeze/thaw cycle. Settled concrete slabs on your property don't just detract from your curb appeal; they can create drainage issues and trip hazards! Luckily, we have the fix for this problem—foam jacking! Foam jacking, also known as polyurethane concrete lifting and slab jacking, is a quick and efficient process that uses polyurethane foam to lift concrete slabs back to their original height. You may have heard of this process and are wondering, "how long does polyurethane concrete lifting last?" and "is it worth it?" The experts at LvL Concrete Lifting are here to answer your questions! Read on!

Why is Foam Jacking Superior to Mudjacking?

Foam jacking, or Polyurethane concrete raising, is an innovative method used to lift and level sunken and settled concrete slabs. Unlike traditional concrete lifting methods like mudjacking, foam jacking has been proven to be a durable, long-lasting, fast and effective way to level sunken and settled concrete slabs. Foam jacking is a superior alternative to mudjacking because polyurethane foam will stay solid, durable and in place for decades. It is also resistant to the elements and UV rays and is hydrophobic, so it will not deteriorate over time. Mudjacking slurry will be affected by the same issues that caused the slab to settle because of its composition. This means that the mudjacking process will have to be repeated again. This is not a problem with foam jacking, so you will save money on future repair costs.

What is the Foam Jacking Process?

Foam jacking is a quick and efficient process, and the results are extremely durable and long-lasting. Our concrete lifting experts begin by drilling dime-sized holes in the top of the settled slab. The polyurethane foam is then injected into the holes and expands in the voids below, lifting the slab back to its original height. Once the work is done, we patch the holes, and the area is ready for use that same day! Polyurethane foam cures in minutes, so you don't have to wait days to use the lifted area. With mudjacking, the lifted area will be out of use for days because the materials used take longer to cure. This is just one of the many reasons foam jacking is the best alternative to mudjacking. Our foam jacking process can be used to lift and level walkways, driveways, patios, garage floors, basement floors and even the foundations of large commercial and industrial buildings! If you have sunken and settled concrete slabs on your property, polyurethane foam is the best way to lift them.

How Long Does Foam Jacking Last?

One of the most common questions we get at LvL Concrete Lifting is, how long does foam jacking last? In most cases, foam jacking is a permanent solution for sunken and settled slabs. Polyurethane foam is hydrophobic, meaning it will not break down over time if water is present in the ground. Polyurethane foam is also resistant to extreme temperatures, UV rays and fungus. Once polyurethane foam is cured, it is a completely inert, solid material that will not be affected by insects, rodents, water or erosion. The polyurethane foam we use to lift concrete will last for literal lifetimes. Foam jacking is truly the longest-lasting way to lift and level sunken concrete slabs. 

LvL Concrete Lifting Can Lift and Level Your Sunken Slabs

Foam jacking is a far more durable and long-lasting alternative to mudjacking. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why more homeowners and business owners are choosing foam jacking over mudjacking. At LvL Concrete Lifting, we provide the longest-lasting solution to settled and sunken concrete slabs in the Greater Edmonton region. We always operate by the golden rule, so you can trust we will give you an honest assessment of the situation, so you know exactly what to expect from us. We have been lifting sunken and settled concrete slabs in the Edmonton area for over ten years of experience in the construction and concrete industry, and we can help you lift your sinking concrete slabs before they get worse. If you need concrete slabs on your property lifted, contact us today! We'll get them levelled in no time.